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About the Firm

Moore Ramirez Law Firm is located at 1828 Swift St. Suite 104, Kansas City, Missouri 64116. The multicultural dynamic that you will find is diverse, and unique. We understand the issues you are facing and how important resolving these matters are for you, this is because the firm founder and owner is a trained International Attorney graduated as a Civil Jurisprudence lawyer in Honduras, C.A., in addition to his Master in Laws and graduate degree as a United States Common Law Attorney.


Mario J. Moore Ramirez comes from generations of attorneys, starting with his grandfather, founder of The Ramirez Law Firm, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. It expanded to become the family firm, where Mario gained his initial experience in the legal field as an Attorney under Civil Jurisprudence. Mario relocated back to the United States and graduated law school with a passion for helping the less fortunate and underserved population against injustice. He is committed to representing clients by pursuing possible forms of deportation defenses and relief available to enable his client to remain and continue to build a life in the United States.


It was his personal life experience, living in a country where poverty and corruption govern, that made him understand why individuals leave their home country, and by doing this, leaving behind, friends, families, and their life. This immigration experience cultivated in him a true appreciation and compassion for individuals seeking United States citizenship. Mario J. Moore Ramirez understands the complexities associated with immigration procedures, and he will apply his knowledge and background to competently assist those who wish to build a life in this country.


Why choose Moore Ramirez Law Firm?

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with:
• Affordable, competent, and timely legal assistance

• Reasonable fees, Flexible payment options  

• Easy and prompt access to your attorney

• Service provided in English and Spanish 

Mario is an attorney who cares about your case, an Attorney you can talk to in your native language and trust with your legal problems.


Your answer for today’s immigration issues is Moore Ramirez Law Firm!


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Moore Ramirez Law Firm, LLC

Tel: (816) 745-3556 - (816) 9847239 
Address​​​​​​: 1828 Swift St. Suite, 104 

Kansas City, MO 64116

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